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1. Why is your practice dedicated to psychological evaluations for immigration cases?


Since working with asylum seekers Human Rights First, I have never wanted to work with any other population.  I love working with immigrants from across the globe.  I believe that done properly, a psychological evaluation is a unique opportunity to document the impact of violence, persecution and hardship while assisting the client with their healing process. 


2. Where did you receive your training?


I have my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan, with specialization in mental health and interpersonal practice and a minor in management.  I was trained to conduct psychological evaluations for diagnosis and treatment of mental illness at the Detroit VA Medical Center and have worked in inpatient, outpatient and non-traditional mental health settings throughout my career.  I was trained by Physicians for Human Rights to conduct psychological evaluations for survivors of torture and persecution.  This is in addition to the “on-the-job” training I received by immigration attorneys at Human Rights First in drafting written expert testimony. 


3. Do you do therapy?


I do not provide therapy due to the ethical issues related to engaging in a "dual relationship" with the client.  There are sometimes concerns about the evaluation being excluded or disregarded if the client is not actively in therapy.  Thankfully, this has never happened for any of my evaluations.  However, I know that every judge and adjudicator is different.   The in-depth nature of my evaluations, written testimony, and the time I spend with the client, has prevented my evaluations from being excluded or given less weight.   I meet with each client for an average of four hours.  To help address concerns about the client not being in therapy, I document reasons that the individual client is not in therapy at the time of evaluation.  These reasons frequently include work schedule, money, language, lack of health insurance, fear and stigma, service availability, etc.  If your client is referred to me for a psychological evaluation and is interested in therapy at the end of the evaluation, I am able to provide your client referrals to services in their area.


4. Do you offer payment plans?


Yes, I offer payment plans.  If the evaluation is for a court case, payment is needed in full prior to the court date.


5. The judges in my district respond better to an evaluation based on four one-hour sessions instead of two two-hour sessions.  Would you be able to accommodate this?


Yes!  I want to do what is most effective for your client and their case.  If there are peculiarities regarding your courts or judges, let me know and I will work to accommodate them.


6. Since you are conducting these evaluations remotely, why can you only serve clients in 4 states? 


I abide by individual state licensure regulations regarding the practice of clinical social work and telehealth.  Most states restrict practice, including remote practice, entirely to social workers licensed in the state where the client is physically located at the time of the evaluation. 

7. If my client lives in a state not listed on your website but my office is in a state where you can practice, can I have my client do the evaluation from my office?


Yes, I can conduct the evaluation if the client is physically present in your office. 


8. Can you conduct evaluations in immigration detention centers?


I can conduct evaluations in immigration detention centers in Michigan for an additional travel fee and mileage.  I also can conduct evaluations in detention facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Texas, and Tennessee as long as cost of travel is covered.


9. Can you provide live testimony in court?


I am usually available to provide telephonic testimony.  In-person testimony is considered on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee, including time, travel and lodging, as applicable.

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